2580 Association
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The Association 2580 was created in 2006 in Cluj, Romania to support innovative interdisciplinary practice in contemporary art.

With this in mind, the Association 2580 supports a diverse group of artists, curators, academics and cultural institutions in the production and circulation of interdisciplinary art projects, exhibitors, festivals, symposia and other cultural events. Since its inception, the Association has collaborated with other Romanian and international institutions in developing projects and studies in social sciences, arts and education.

Why 2580?

At the end of the summer of 2005 I gave the SIM card of my phone to GT but I forgot to give her the access code. After a while, I received a desperate email from her asking for the code. I’ve told her it was “the straight line in the middle”. It took her a day to realize that I was talking about the vertical line of keys on the phone pad. That sequence is 2580. (TH)